Why Host Airbnb Over Other Vacation Rental Websites?

Airbnb, Homeaway, Flipkey - Oh my!

There are many options to rent out your extra space and make money. All of them make it easy to list, and they all have traffic. So why do we at indieairbnb.com focus exclusively on Airbnb? This article explains it.

Airbnb is a pay to play community. Meaning you need to be a reviewed host or traveler, with a profile, and a history of booking rooms through Airbnb in order to participate.  Airbnb’s business model includes providing an online platform for a real-life experience. It’s a community amongst it’s participants.

Many hosts are attracted to Airbnb so they can expand their personal friend circles and traveler’s like to feel more welcomed in strange places. Airbnb’s marketing is bright with a slight hipster vibe and seems to focus it’s characters on profundity. The young, hip black chick staying with an older, less fashionable white guy. The lesbian couple tossing around their toddler son. The locations seem to span time and place pretty well, showing us a mirror of our human-ness around the planet. The Airbnb’s business model understands that there is a bigger market with all the unconventional people combined than there is with the thought of a muted, one-size-fits public.

The public is anything but bland. Many of our friends are doing fun and fascinating things, and I bet you are too. Right now, my first job in life is to be a work at home mom. We have hosted many parents with their babies and kiddos because we get involved in that community naturally. My second job is an off-grid solar designer and CEO.  And my husband and I are dedicated riders with a robust motorcycle collection. We have the opportunity to fine tune our marketing to our seasons and attract Airbnb guests that want to come play with us, or have interesting conversations over artisanal coffee, and we totally have.

Individuals are unconventional by nature and seek to meet others that are in tune with their interests of the moment or for a specific purpose. Airbnb offers the global traveler a community of positive connections and experiences with others that have an undoubtedly interesting history.

If someone is offering to host you in their luxury yacht in the San Juan Islands – you bet they likely have an interesting history. The Airbnb community creates a sense of trust among it’s users, mainly due to the social equity that builds trust between a potential host and guest, due to online personal reviews, and a faith in accurate representations made by both parties. And let’s face it, the insurance policy they offer both parties is pretty good and Airbnb makes it easy for hosts and guests to file claims with quick turnaround in closing that claim.

Also, if you start asking around, you may know more Airbnb hosts than you think. Don’t be afraid to ask advice, Airbnb is built up a community of like minded individuals from all walks of life – you surely will find your “tribe”.

One of the great benefits that Thomas and I enjoy from Airbnb’ing are celebrity guests. And “celebrity” means from super-duper, band touring or actor filming in town famous  to built their own car and are touring the world and blogging. It is like watching pop culture happen right in our living room, and we love it.

(NOTE: It is entirely possible to attract celebrities in every industry to come stay in your space. If this is your thing, follow us. We will share with you step by step best marketing practices soon.)

Over the years, we have also had to deal with laws and taxes, file claims, and deal with difficult guests. Through all circumstances Airbnb has come through with a fair and swift solution. Airbnb is currently the only vacation rental site we recommend to make a good income with minimal stress for all the reasons above. 



About the Author: René Geneva
Off grid Solar PV engineer, Airbnb Superhost, sewn product design + manufacturing, writer, motivational speaker

Currently writing the book: "How to be a Rockstar Airbnb Host (+ make money like one too!)"

Power couple René + Thomas (husband) met as neighbors and fell in love while renovating a vintage Airstream.After three years of making serious income with Airbnb, they help other hosts bank with their vacation rentals.

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